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Ways to earn passive income.

How to stake ADA with VIVA

Cardano staking is very safe. The ADA coins used for staking don’t leave your wallet. While staking, you earn rewards in a way that is similar to interest in a savings account. You can move or unstake your coins at any time.

Install ADA wallet
Install ADA Wallet

In order to stake your ADA, you first need a wallet. The official wallets are Yoroi and Daedalus.

Find "VIVA"
on Yoroi or Deadulus
Triangle Decoration in Donate Block

You will find us in all the official versions of Yoroi and Daedalus wallets.

Rectangle Decoration in Buy Gift Cards Block

Once you completed the delegation to our VIVA pool, you will start earning 4~6% rewards in ADA.

The excellent source of passive income.

The good thing about staking with Cardano is that your principal, your base Cardano that you will be staking, or you will be delegating to a stake pool operator, will always be safe.

The safest way

Similar to Ethereum, Cardano staking is common. As a Cardano investor, you can choose to hold your ADA tokens on the network. In this way, you have a stake in the overall network that is proportional to the number of tokens held.

Cardano staking is more effective if you delegate your tokens to a staking pool. The staking pools are a part of the security and governance of the Cardano proof-of-stake blockchain. When you delegate your tokens to a staking pool, you are participating in the network by validating new blocks and processing transactions.

In return for contributing to the network, you will receive an income known as a staking reward. This process is referred to as staking.